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How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

It can be surprisingly complicated to figure out how best to make your engagement ring purchase. There’s so much to learn and so many options avail...
21-02-2019 21:49

9 Ways You’re Ruining Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to protecting your engagement ring, what should you know" It?s a piece of rock attached to a piece of metal?how hard could protecting i...
21-02-2019 21:49

Engagement Ring Accessory Must-Haves

Once the question has been popped, there are so many things to cross off your list, especially when the wedding planning process begins. In the hustl...
20-02-2019 21:50

What to Consider if You’re Upgrading Your Engagement R

Whether you have been married for 10 or 30 years, you may have considered upgrading your engagement ring, either for a special occasion or a wedding ...
20-02-2019 21:50

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring"

Whenever a woman gets engaged, there?s always a big fuss surrounding her engagement ring. People want to see it, they want to know how her partner pr...
19-02-2019 21:49

The Best Times of Year to Purchase an Engagement Ring

It?s finally happened: you?ve found ?the one.? You?re madly in love with someone and you?re ready to spend the rest of your life by their side. Congr...
19-02-2019 21:49

How to Choose a Timeless Engagement Ring

Whether you’re shopping for the ring together or you’re still in the secret Pinterest board planning phase of looking at engagement rings, one th...
18-02-2019 21:49

How to Propose with an Heirloom Engagement Ring

There’s something so romantic about an heirloom engagement ring. Whether it belonged to your grandmother, great-aunt, or a family friend who passed...
18-02-2019 21:49

Why It’s OK to Be Dating and (Still Not) Engaged

Photo by Jenna Lynn Photography Auburn, Alabama You might be here because you really need this pep talk, or maybe you’re starting to get to this pi...
15-02-2019 21:49

How to Survive Dating a First-Responder

First-responders don?t wear capes and they can’t fly?but they’re the real superheroes of our communities. They rush in when everyone’s rushing ...
15-02-2019 21:49

8 Dating Deal Breakers You Should Rethink

Early in a dating relationship, it can be easy to end the whole thing just because someone doesn’t fit your expectations. But if only one or two da...
14-02-2019 21:47

The Do’s and Dont’s of Meeting the Parents

Whether you just started dating or have been in a relationship for months, meeting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents for the first time ca...
14-02-2019 21:47

24 Ways to Add the Color Blue to Your Wedding

Are you looking to add “something blue” to your wedding" Maybe you?re traditional, having a beach wedding, or simply love the color. No matter wh...
13-02-2019 21:53

6 Reasons to Put off a Wedding

Once you’ve decided on a wedding date, or just on the general idea of getting married, it can be tempting to get the ball rolling right away. But e...
13-02-2019 21:53

Getting Serious" Here’s What You Should Know Abou

A lot of advice about relationships and marriage revolve around the future because, of course, you are committing to a future with your spouse. But i...
12-02-2019 21:48

How to Plan a Wedding When Your Family Doesn’t Approve

When you find that special someone you want to marry and spend your life with, it?s hard to imagine that anyone could see them as less than perfect. ...
12-02-2019 21:48

How to Be Engaged When You’re Long-Distance

Everyone knows that relationships are hard work, but only those couples in long-distance relationships know just how hard that work can get: the sche...
11-02-2019 21:50

What to Do if You Find the Engagement Ring

Despite what rom-coms may tell us, getting engaged (for most of us) is hardly a complete surprise. At this point, you’ve hopefully had conversation...
11-02-2019 21:50

Are Wedding Reception Rentals Worth It"

Let?s face it: when it comes to planning your wedding, there are seemingly endless items to check off your list. Dream bridal gown" Check. Cake tasti...
08-02-2019 21:48

How to Pull off a Neutral Colored Bridesmaid Palette

Deciding on what colors your bridesmaids will wear at your wedding is a big decision, as there are so many options. While some brides may be a fan of...
08-02-2019 21:48

Popular Spring Flowers to Use in Your Wedding Bouquet

Spring is coming?even if it feels like it never will where you live. If you’re getting married this spring, the wedding won’t truly celebrate the...
07-02-2019 21:50

5 Spring Wedding Color Palettes

For many couples, the color scheme they choose for their wedding says quite a lot about their special day. Do they want something timeless like class...
07-02-2019 21:50

8 Beautiful Spring Wedding Locations

Spring can be such a lovely time to get married; flowers are in bloom and everything is getting just a little warmer, creating more temperate days th...
06-02-2019 21:51

7 Spring Wedding Trends

While there is certainly such a thing as a ?timeless? wedding, it’s true that as most weddings are planned, of-the-moment trends make their way int...
06-02-2019 21:51

How to Host a Post-Wedding Brunch

A post-wedding brunch is the perfect way to bid your guests adieu, cure their hangovers before their flights, and give everyone a chance to rehash wh...
05-02-2019 21:49

4 Pieces of Sexual Health Advice for Men

A few months ago, I wrote an article for this site about how to take care of one?s sexual health. I?ll be honest, I was pretty happy with the article...
05-02-2019 21:49

6 Common Spring Wedding Problems, Solved!

Spring is one of the most popular seasons to get married?and it’s easy to see why. The flowers are blooming, the weather is starting to warm up and...
04-02-2019 21:50

The Pros and Cons of Proposing on Valentine’s Day

Valentine?s Day is known as the day you use red hearts, chalky box candy and giant teddy bears to show your significant other how much you love them....
04-02-2019 21:50

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your In-Laws

So you’ve found the man or woman of your dreams and you’re getting married! Congratulations! Now you and your soon-to-be-spouse can ride off alon...
01-02-2019 21:49

How to Survive a Broken Engagement

There?s no question in anyone?s mind that planning a wedding is a lot of work, from the vendor meetings to the discussions over menu fonts and tablec...
01-02-2019 21:49

How to Plan a Las Vegas Wedding

Every major city in the world has its own unique reputation. Paris is known as the city of love, New York is the city that never sleeps, and Las Vega...
31-01-2019 21:49

How to Perfect the Art of Cooking for Two

Cooking for two can be tricky. With many recipes portioned for large families rather than couples, you can end up with a lot of leftovers, awkward po...
31-01-2019 21:49

How to Make the Most of Your First Year of Marriage

If you?re a newlywed, you?ve probably found yourself getting frustrated with your spouse over the past few months. One moment, they?re giving you sup...
30-01-2019 21:51

What You Should Know About Female Fertility in Your 30s

It’s extremely common at this point to spend one’s 20s busily getting started on adulthood: many people choose to get an education, start working...
30-01-2019 21:51

How to Navigate Your First Argument as Newlyweds

There’s truly nothing like newlywed bliss. You’re still fresh from your honeymoon, you’ve recently unwrapped all of the wedding presents, and y...
29-01-2019 21:48

19 Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

While it?s true that your wedding anniversary by definition comes once a year, your first anniversary only happens once! The pressure is on; how do y...
29-01-2019 21:48

Win a Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Valued up to $2,500!

Got engaged over the holidays" (Congrats!) Even if you?re still basking in that engagement glow, you?ve no doubt already started looking at dresses?bu...
28-01-2019 21:49

5 Difficult Conversations Newlyweds Should Have

It?s no surprise that you and your partner will probably talk about a lot of things during your marriage. Your conversations will run the gamut from ...
28-01-2019 21:49

4 Firsts of Married Life to Look Forward To

The wedding is over, so what’s next" It’s time to dive into life as a married couple. There’s so many firsts to look forward to as a newly marr...
28-01-2019 21:49

Are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Still Married"

Image via People. Hollywood relationships often last as long as a candle in the wind, so it’s no surprise one of the biggest showbiz couples raise...
25-01-2019 21:49

The Best Bouquet Shape for Your Wedding Dress

As a bride-to-be, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your wedding day look. You’ve scoured the internet for the perfect makeup pa...
25-01-2019 21:49

5 Tough Wedding and Money Questions, Answered!

If there’s one thing people don’t love to talk about, it’s money. Money is one of the most notoriously uncomfortable subjects of conversation, ...
24-01-2019 21:55

Wedding Dress Codes 101

When you receive an invitation to a wedding and it reads “beach formal” or “black tie,” you may initially not be sure what to wear to such an...
24-01-2019 21:55

How to Shrink Wedding Costs for Your Bridesmaids

Instead of shrinking, it seems the cost of being a bridesmaid is growing exponentially. Extravagant bachelorette party trips, attire with large price...
23-01-2019 21:49

How to Know if Wedding Insurance Is Worth It

When planning your big day, the last thing you want to think about is a nightmare scenario. Extreme weather may mean your guests can?t get to the wed...
23-01-2019 21:49

How to Save Money on 3 Top Wedding Costs

Weddings are expensive?this we already know. With the average American wedding cost now at a staggering $25,000 price tag (and rising), couples who a...
22-01-2019 21:51

How to Create a Realistic Wedding Budget

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is figuring out how to create?and stick to?a wedding budget that actually fits what you and your ...
22-01-2019 21:51

7 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Wedding

Some of the most beautiful and affordable weddings happen at someone’s home. An everyday backyard can be easily turned into a gorgeous outdoor sett...
21-01-2019 21:49

How to Pay off a Wedding During Your First Year of Marriage

Are you concerned about the cost of your upcoming wedding and how you will be able to pay for it" According to the Business Insider, the average cost...
21-01-2019 21:49

How to Fly with a Wedding Dress

So you?ve found your perfect wedding dress, but now you just need to figure out how to get it to your wedding venue?which is a plane ride away! What ...
18-01-2019 21:49

7 Non-Essentials to Cut from Your Wedding Budget Right Now

I don?t know if you’re aware, but weddings are super expensive. In the United States, the average wedding costs just over $33,000 dollars?and let?s...
18-01-2019 21:49

What to Know About a Wedding Ring Tattoo

There are many reasons to opt for a wedding ring tattoo instead of the traditional wedding band. Maybe you and your partner object to the diamond ind...
17-01-2019 21:51

Five Food and Drink Trends for 2019 Weddings

Are you trying to finalize food and drink plans for your upcoming wedding" These are two major factors that deserve a lot of time and consideration. ...
17-01-2019 21:51

How to Stay Committed to Your Wedding Fitness Goals

Everyone wants to look fit and healthy on their wedding day, but it can be difficult to establish a workout plan and stick to it. One of the major re...
16-01-2019 21:53

Seven 2019 Wedding Fashion Trends for Grooms

Sure, everyone will be turning heads to see the bride when she walks down the aisle, but there’s no reason why the groom can’t also have some fun...
16-01-2019 21:53

2019 Wedding Dress Trends You’ll Swoon Over

If 2019 is the year that you get to purchase the dress, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that this year’s bridal trends are turning ou...
15-01-2019 21:50

Four Wellness Trends to Follow Before Your Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easier than you may think to get stressed. With a checklist a mile long and the ever-increasing pressure to ...
15-01-2019 21:50

How to Know if the White Wedding Dress Isn’t for You

You?ve probably been thinking about your wedding, at least on some level, since you first discovered what weddings were as a little kid. It?s natural...
14-01-2019 21:51

11 Wedding Stationery Trends for 2019

Did you know that Pantone, the company that specializes in color, assigns each new year its own personal color" 2019?s color is ?living coral? ?which...
14-01-2019 21:51

8 Wedding Wedding Ceremony Rituals and Their Meanings

When planning a wedding ceremony, it can be interesting and meaningful to add something between the traditional vows and rings and the “now you may...
11-01-2019 21:49

The Best Single-Flower Wedding Bouquets

There’s so many choices when it comes to picking the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet?which can sometimes lead brides to choose a bouquet o...
11-01-2019 21:49

How Adaptogens Can Help Relieve Wedding Planning Stress

Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, but that perfect event can often come at a price?your health and wellbeing. Breaking news...
10-01-2019 21:50

How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Drop Weight Pre-Wedding

Everyone wants to look like their best selves on their wedding day?it’s only natural when there will be hundreds of photographs documenting the day...
09-01-2019 21:48

What to Eat and Drink for Glowing Wedding Day Skin

The secret to glowing skin on your wedding day is the food and drink you put in your body. If you’ve ever seen the scene in My Big Fat Greek Weddin...
09-01-2019 21:48

7 Supplements to Take Before Your Wedding

If you?re looking at a list of supplements and wondering which might be helpful to take in preparation for your wedding day?but are feeling overwhelm...
09-01-2019 21:48

7 Fitness and Wellness Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties typically consist of cocktails, dancing, and general debauchery (it is your last hurrah as a single lady, after all). But for th...
08-01-2019 21:53

How to Naturally Boost Your Energy

Show of hands: how many of you opened up this article because, only moments before, you plopped down on the couch with your phone in hand, thinking a...
08-01-2019 21:53

9 Self-Care Acts to Try ASAP

If you?ve spent much time on the internet this past year (and I can assume you have because here you are?hi!), you?ve probably heard a lot about ?sel...
07-01-2019 21:47

12 Trendy Workouts to Whip You Into Shape Before Your Weddin

We all know the classic ways to exercise (running endless laps around a track, anyone"), but when it comes to your wedding, you don?t want to play ar...
07-01-2019 21:47

What to Know if You’re Marrying a Non-U.S. Citizen

They say that love is complicated?but until you’ve been engaged to someone who is from outside of the United States, you quite frankly don’t know...
04-01-2019 21:47

6 Places to Host Your Engagement Party

Engagement parties are a fun way to celebrate your upcoming vows with the friends and family who will be alongside you during the wedding planning pr...
04-01-2019 21:47

7 Instagram-worthy Wedding Venues

Image via Tybee Island Wedding Chapel. Even before the question was popped (and probably before you even considered getting engaged), you were likel...
03-01-2019 21:46

Engagement Party Etiquette

Celebrating your engagement is one of the first fun things to do after putting a ring on it. There’s no right or wrong way to throw a party, but it...
03-01-2019 21:46

What to Expect at an Engagement Party

So you?ve just gotten engaged?the ring is on, you and your spouse-to-be are still buzzing with excitement, and you?re heading to your engagement part...
02-01-2019 21:47

Diamond Shapes 101

As you consider what kind of engagement ring you’d love, it’s easy to get dazzled by the many kinds of sparkling stones. By knowing what the diff...
02-01-2019 21:47

Where to Start if You’re Overwhelmed with Wedding Plan

The day you?ve dreamed of is finally here. The love of your life has gotten down on one knee (or staged a flash mob, or unfurled a huge banner from y...
01-01-2019 21:48

What to Know About Planning a Second Wedding

A second marriage is an exciting thing: you’ve found the person to accompany you on life’s journey after your first relationship was completed. A...
01-01-2019 21:48

How to Choose a Date for Your Wedding

A date is a powerful thing. Since your wedding is something you will always look back upon fondly, you want to ensure the day was just perfect, and t...
31-12-2018 21:51

6 Reasons to Attend a Wedding Expo

A wedding expo can seem like an overwhelming experience, but it’s a must for most brides. It’s an event where all types of venues and vendors com...
31-12-2018 21:51

6 Beauty Splurges That Are Worth it for Any Bride

Many aspects of your wedding beauty routine can be done on a very low budget, but there are a few things that are seriously worth the splurge. When p...
28-12-2018 21:48

Workouts to Get You in Shape for Every Wedding Dress Style

With your wedding day quickly approaching, you may be scheduling a few extra trips to the gym each week. Many brides make it a priority to maintain o...
28-12-2018 21:48

6 New Year’s Resolutions Every Bride Should Make

As we get to the start of a new year, you’re probably making some resolutions, whether they’re related to your health, finances, or relationships...
28-12-2018 21:48

How to Take Care of Dry Winter Skin Before Your Wedding

In many climates, the cold of winter also results in less humid air; this may be a welcome break from a sweaty summer season, but it also means your ...
28-12-2018 21:48

6 Gorgeous Lipstick Shades for Your Bridal Makeup Look

Lipstick is so good at making your entire face pop. A bright red or sweet pink will truly transform your face, however, it can be a daunting task to ...
26-12-2018 21:48

Seven 2019 Wedding Trends Every Bride Should Know About

Another year of wedding trends has come and gone, but we are so here for the 2019 wedding trends. We’re seeing nothing but gorgeous in 2019?from fo...
26-12-2018 21:48

2018 Wedding Trends to Forget in the New Year

Trends come and go?this much we know from shoulder pads, JNCO jeans, and crimped hair?and wedding trends are no different. And now, because of the fa...
25-12-2018 21:47

Why a Good Night’s Sleep Is a Bride’s Best Frien

We?ve all found a million reasons to burn the midnight oil over the course of our lives: essays to write in school, a dance marathon, or just hanging...
25-12-2018 21:47

10 Health and Wellness Resolutions for 2019 Brides

So, you’re getting married in 2019" While your wedding might seem like far away, it’s never too early to start getting that healthy wedding glow ...
24-12-2018 21:46

7 Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2019

When it comes to wedding planning, choosing a date usually comes first?and it?s usually the decision that requires the least thought. Most couples si...
24-12-2018 21:46

How to Use a Photographer to Capture the Marriage Proposal

Most couples hire a professional photographer to shoot their wedding ceremony and reception, which is a no-brainer. Did you know, however, that more ...
21-12-2018 21:49

8 Personal Items to Have on Hand for Your Wedding Day

Planning for your wedding day can cause you to imagine all sorts of wild scenarios and it can be nerve-racking to try to plan for all of them. Althou...
21-12-2018 21:49

5 Tips for Creating a Wedding Hashtag

Ah, the wedding hashtag. These days, this type of personal branding is practically a necessity, but coming up with the right phrase can feel as stres...
20-12-2018 21:48

6 To-Do’s for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

The wedding rehearsal dinner may seem like something cursory that you need to get through, but we’re here to argue that the rehearsal dinner is act...
20-12-2018 21:48

6 Wedding Scheduling Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Planning your wedding can be a complicated experience, but having a great timeline can be one of the most useful, important things for your day. Givi...
19-12-2018 21:47

How to Plan a Mini-Moon

Like most couples, you and your partner probably have your own unique reasons for getting excited about your wedding. Maybe you?re excited about the ...
19-12-2018 21:47

8 Things to Schedule in the Run-Up to Your Wedding

Clearly, no two weddings are the same, so you may or may not feel this way, but a lot of brides discover that their wedding week feels a bit like a r...
18-12-2018 21:47

10 Items for your Post-Wedding Checklist

The wedding is over?but not everything is done! Accept that the following items are likely to be part of your life for a little while, and embrace th...
18-12-2018 21:47

Are You Ready to Get Engaged"

Many people who have been dating for a while, or who have used the ?love? word without fear, think that they are automatically ready to get engaged. ...
17-12-2018 21:57

8 Things You Must Do the Week Before Your Wedding

It’s finally here: You’re actually going to get married! But before you walk down the aisle and seal the deal, you have about a million things to...
17-12-2018 21:57

How to Be Your Own Wedding Planner with Zola

Anyone who’s ever seen the early 2000s rom-com The Wedding Planner knows how valuable a wedding planner can be to the whole operation. Not only can...
14-12-2018 21:48

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How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

It can be surprisingly complicated to figure out how best to make your engagement ring purchase. There’s so much to learn and so many options available that it can seem overwhelming to most people. Here are some steps to take and some things to... -
The Simplest Way to Keep Your Wedding Florals Affordable" Rent Them (Yes, We?re Serious!)

The Simplest Way to Keep Your Wedding Florals...

Some of the best advice we could give brides looking to keep their wedding within budget is to prioritize the top 3 wedding costs and find ways to get creative with the rest. This generally means you’re choosing between venue, food,... -
Luxurious wedding with white and gold details in Mykonos

Luxurious wedding with white and gold details...

Today we?re sharing with you a luxurious wedding that will fill you with feels and inspiration! The two lovebirds dreamed of a wedding in Mykonos island, surrounded by the natural beauty of the place and with the breathtaking sea view. Their... -
Intimate Puerto Vallarta Summer Wedding at Hotel Playa Fiesta

Intimate Puerto Vallarta Summer Wedding at Ho...

If a destination wedding is you dream, I urge you to take a moment to experience this beautiful spot. Puerto Vallarta checks off the sun, sand and views in an instant and this fete at Hotel Playa Fiesta is the pretty proof. Eventives Destination... -
Here’s how you can get 10% off Tickets to A Most Curious Wedding Fair

Here’s how you can get 10% off Tickets ...

Discover beautiful bridal fashion and jewellery designers, hair and make-up artists, wedding photographers, florists, venues, planners and more when you visit A Most Curious Wedding Fair from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 March 2019. Here’s how you can get... -
The Simplest Way to Keep Your Wedding Florals Affordable" Rent Them (Yes, We’re Serious!)

The Simplest Way to Keep Your Wedding Florals...

Some of the best advice we could give brides looking to keep their wedding within budget is to prioritize the top 3 wedding costs and find ways to get creative with the rest. This generally means you’re choosing between venue, food,... -
Boho Elopement Inspiration at a Gothic Revival-Style Castle in Germany

Boho Elopement Inspiration at a Gothic Reviva...

Can a winter wedding with a fairytale castle backdrop work together with boho bridal style" That’s the question that inspired Josina, the Germany-based wedding planner at Hochzeits Verliebt. We all agree that the answer is a resounding YES,... -
Styled Wedding Shoot Surprisingly Turned into a Real Engagement Proposal!

Styled Wedding Shoot Surprisingly Turned into...

Captured beautifully by Amber Linn Photography, today\'s styled wedding shoot is a beautiful one. But it\'s not beautiful friends! It\'s also a very special one too. That\'s because this wedding shoot took a surprise turn at the very... -
Katrina and Scott’s Super Stylish Bohemian City Elopement in Amsterdam

Katrina and Scott’s Super Stylish Bohem...

As the week fly’s past, I can’t quite believe it’s Thursday already! So far half term is going way too fast, I’ll need anther week just to fit everything in. How about you" How is your week going so far" Today I am taking you off to... -
An Industrial Chic Wedding at the Horticulture Building

An Industrial Chic Wedding at the Horticultur...

When an industrial wedding venue comes to life with greenery, blooms and candlelight - the result is truly magical? and todays wedding planned by Toast Events and captured by Laura Kelly Photography is the perfect example of just that. The bride... -

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